Property construction projects inherently involve numerous issues from inception to completion. Certainty of outcome is an absolute priority for any client undertaking a capital project. A good project management always secure clients best interest by proven leadership, communication, responsibility, and care. A well managed project will achieve integrity of budget, timing, quality, and safety success. Project management requires continuous close attention to all aspects of the projects to ensure end results meet objectives.

The key features of our project management are to be innovative, thinking outside square, and flexible. We rather spend time with our clients in the beginning of the projects to listen, to understand, and to advise on what project goals to set out and how to achieve them. Our experienced project managers constantly lead the project to right direction with our clear vision that comes from an intimate understanding of clients needs and expectation.

To achieve the very best results, our project management incorporates several other management such as risk management, cost management, time management, task management, and people management. The spectrum of these management are structured to organically run the project with minimised risks, maximised value, and timely delivery.

Our scope of works as a professional project manager includes but not limited to below. These services can be offered as a package or as fractions to suit different project criteria.

Design Tender Construction
Project feasibility Prepare building contract Project programming
Town planning optimization Tender letting and assess Building quality control
Project team assembly Contract negotiation Control project progress
Design management Arrange building permit Assess project cash flow
Value Management Early works and site establishment Building materials selection
    Arrange occupancy permit
    Issue Practical completion

For clients who require finance to fund the project, we also provide separate management to assist

  • Project loan
  • Project marketing
  • Project sales and settlement

Our legal expert partner also offers professional service on :

  • Customized building contract
  • Commercial agreement between parties
  • Construction law advice
  • Planning law advice
  • Property law advice

Our internal building inspectors are specialized in :

  • Pre-purchase building inspection and report
  • Insurance replacement inspection and report
  • Dilapidated report
  • Practical completion inspection
  • Owner corporate inspection